I’m Growing Vegetables and Trying Not to Kill Them!

1 Jun

Yesterday I bought a tomato plant and a pepper plant at the Takoma Park Farmer’s Market.  The tomatoes are going to be little red cherry tomatoes and the peppers will be sweet ones; dark green and brown on the outside and red on the inside.

I hope I can grow tomatoes that look like this.

I am not a plant person.  I’ve never grown anything, I can’t keep low light indoor plants alive, and I use decorative planters to store umbrellas or shoes.  Whenever someone says to me “Isn’t that a nasturtium/japanese  maple/dogwood?” I just smile and say “totally — that’s exactly what it is.”

Honestly, I don’t know a pansy from a marigold, but I can pick out a beautiful planter with a blindfold on.

When I was shopping for planting supplies – fertilized soil, gravel, you know…stuff I didn’t know you needed until my mother-in-law told me – I got really excited to see a seed kit from SF Organics Canada at the hardware store.  If I had more guts and a greener thumb, I may have had the courage to try one.  Each kit comes with seeds, a planter, a sign, and a “nutrient rich soil pellet,” and you can find US retailers via the SF Organics website if you’re interested in picking up a kit yourself.  In any case, I wanted to share the packaging design because I think it’s so incredibly innovative and modern.  Notice the frilly closure on the top of the box, and the crisp, bright images of the produce.

SF Organics Canada Grow Kits. Clockwise from top L: pepper, carrot, green bean, tomato. Other veggies and herbs are also available.

In the meantime, stay tuned for my adventures in urban gardening.   I figure if I’ve grown a small healthy human I can at least grow some salad components, right?

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