A Different Take on Maps

28 May

Recently, a featured user on Flickr caught my eye with his amazing map images.  His name is Eric Fischer, and his Flickr album is called “The Geotaggers’ World Atlas.” I would love to explain Geotagging, but perhaps Eric’s summary or Flickr’s tutorial could do a better job of that, so I’ll leave the specifics up to your imagination.  Eric Fischer takes this data and plots it on his own simple maps of large cities using white, black, red, and tans;  this results in simple, clean graphics that are amazingly intricate and fantastically simple at the same time.

See for yourself:

New York: The Geotaggers' World Atlas, Eric Fischer

DC: The Geotaggers' World Atlas, Eric Fischer

Dublin: The Geotaggers' World Atlas, Eric Fischer

I could see small prints of these maps tiled as art in a masculine, clean lined space with a black Barcelona chair, a cowhide rug, and some graphic red and white pillows.  Great for world travelers, technology buffs and photographers….what a cool idea.  Thanks, Eric!

Design consultations for all styles and budgets: JGB Interiors.


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