Rainbow Keyboard from Etsy

18 May

I’ve never actually purchased anything from Etsy, but I do visit the site about once a week and am always putting things in my cart. I just never follow through with the purchase.  Today, that is going to change.

The "rainbow macbook keyboard decal" stickers from openandclose on Etsy. GORGEOUS!

Etsy seller openandclose has about a dozen different macbook keyboard decals from swirls to rainbows to brick motifs; there’s even an adorable set of Photoshop shortcut decals.  The simple rainbow decal has my name on it, and the best part is it’s only $15 plus shipping.  I’m willing to work with the language barrier between myself and the seller and go for it.  She asks in the item description “Do you want to let your keyboard special?” — yes…I think I do.

Update: Two weeks later I got my keyboard decals.  They are cute…and “command’ is spelled “commond.”  Twice.  So that’s a bust.  I’m going to save them for when my computer is too old to care about the spelling error.  On the bright side, I used the little Apple logo decal to make a stencil on a cake for my husband.

This is not my best cake. But it's the thought that counts, right?

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